Vital Statistics

The Vital Statistics office at the Ross County Health District is mandated to record and keep on file all births and deaths that take place in Ross County. Vital Statistics issues certified copies of birth and death records, as well as burial permits. The cost of certified birth and death records is $30 and burial permits are $3. These may be requested in person or in writing.

Vital Statistics Office Information

Apply for Birth or Death Records

Payment Methods

We accept cash, credit cards, and money orders from local residents. As of 1/1/2020, we no longer accept personal checks for payment of birth or death certificates.

For those outside of Ross County requesting records by mail, payment by phone with a credit card will guarantee the quickest service. Personal Checks are not accepted as a method of payment by mail.


Records Search

Ross County Health Districts maintains birth and death records for Ross County since 1907 and have some records that date back to 1888. Genealogists are welcome to stop in and view our birth and death records. Most of our vital statistic records date from 1907, but a few date back to 1888.