Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the U.S. This is why it’s important to stay away from tobacco products and to stop using them. It’s not uncommon for those who try to quit to relapse after a stressful event in their life. RCHD can help link you to cessation programs to help you start your journey to a tobacco free life!

Help is available!

Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) and speak with an intake specialist to discuss assistance to help you quit tobacco.

The Ohio Tobacco Quit Line provides personal quit coaching and telephone counseling free of charge to ALL Ohioans, regardless of insurance status or income. There is also a special protocol for pregnant women (learn more here). Nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges are provided for up to eight weeks at no charge to eligible participants.

The Ohio QuitLogix Online Tobacco Use Cessation Program is available to all Ohioans of age 18 or older (or younger with parental permission).

My Life My Quit logo

My Life, My Quit™ is the free and confidential way for teens to quit smoking or vaping. Text “Start My Quit” to 6072 or click to chat with a coach. We are here for you every step of the way. It’s YOUR LIFE and we’re here to hep you live it YOUR WAY.

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