Tattoo & Body Art Program

The Environmental Health Division approves body art businesses in Ross County under authority of Ohio Revised Code 3730. Body art consists of tattooing, permanent cosmetics, and / or body piercing.

When receiving a tattoo, piercing, or permanent cosmetic, a person potentially exposes themselves to infectious diseases due to the puncturing or piercing that is conducted when receiving body art. From a public health standpoint, we want to ensure proper sanitation and sterilization procedures are adhered to when a person receives a body art procedure to help reduce or prevent exposure to infectious disease.

We issue Tattoo and Body Art Permits for permanent facilities and for time limited events.

To become an approved body art business, you must submit plans to our office for pre-approval. Permanent facilities cannot be in a house or residence. The equipment and facilities for the business, as well as sanitary procedures, must meet regulations set forth in Ohio Administrative Code 3701-9. The current regulations were adopted, approved, and became effective in September 2014.

If you have questions regarding the body art program or complaints regarding an approved or unapproved body art business, please contact our office at (740) 775-1158.