Recreation Programs (Pools, Spas, Camps and RV Parks)

Pools, Spas, & Spray Grounds

The Environmental Health Division licenses and inspects all public pools, spas, and spray grounds located in Ross County under authority of Ohio Revised Code 3749 and Ohio Administrative Code 3701-31. Pools and spas in Ross County are inspected by Environmental Health Specialists to ensure pools are being maintained and operated to help prevent possible recreational waterborne illnesses or safety hazards at the pools.

Campgrounds, RV parks, and Temporary Park / Camps

The Environmental Health Division licenses and inspects all campgrounds, RV parks, temporary parks, and recreational camps in Ross County under authority of Ohio Revised Code 3729 and Ohio Administrative Code 3701-26. The Environmental Health Specialists inspect to ensure the camps are free of health and safety hazards. We have 2 major types of licenses, permanent licenses for Campgrounds, RV Parks, Combined Parks / Camps, and a temporary Campground License for time limited events such as festivals, races, and other events that allow camping.

Resident Camps

Resident Camps in Ohio are regulated under the authority of Chapter 3701-25 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) and were  established to create minimum standards,  for the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of resident camps to protect the public from injury, minimize the potential for disease transmission, and provide a safe and healthy recreational environment.

“Resident camp” means a facility which is being primarily utilized for the purpose of camping, that requires overnight residence, indoor or outdoor activities, and exists on any tract of land together with any buildings or other structures pertinent to its use. A resident camp does not include universities, colleges, or other educational facilities. It also does not include any use of a tract of land, or property determined by the local board of health as not being within the intent of 3701-25 OAC.

If you own or operate a resident camp in Ross County, or have plans to so, contact the Environmental Health Division for more information on getting permits to operate a Resident Camp.