Private Water Systems

The Environmental Health Division permits the construction, alteration, and abandonment of private water systems in Ross County. A private water system is needed if your home does not have access to a public water system. Private water systems include Wells, Springs, Ponds, Cisterns, and Hauled water storage tanks that provide drinking water for human consumption.

Our office:

This process includes staff performing inspections, reviewing plans, inspecting installations and collecting water samples to ensure the water supply is bacteriological acceptable for drinking.

A Private Water System Certification includes an inspection of the existing well, collection of existing permit records, and a water sample to verify the water is safe for consumption.

We can sample for a variety of possible contaminates such as Total Coliform, E. Coli, Nitrates, and Lead.

If you have an existing private water system on your property and it is no longer in use or is abandoned, the homeowner is responsible to ensure the system is properly sealed or abandoned. A permit is required from the local health department and it must be completed by a registered private water systems contractor registered with Ohio Department of Health.