Mobility Management Program

What is Mobility Management?

Mobility Management works with partnering agencies such as Chillicothe Transit System, Ross County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Friel and Associates, and Connect Transportation to connect community members to transportation options.
Our office works to educate the community on the private and public transportation available to them.

Goals & Strategies for Improving Transportation in Ross County

  • Develop and implement an Active Transportation Plan for High Need Areas
  • Increase Funding for Capital Needs
  • Coordination of Efforts of Services
  • Continuation of Ross County Mobility Management Program
  • Expansion of transportation services throughout the county
  • Implementation of Inter-city Transportation System
  • Increased availability of accessible transportation services throughout Ross County
  • Increased capacity of current transportation providers
  • Expansion of service hours

Read the full 2020-2023 Ross County Coordinated Plan

Mobility Management YTD Stats

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