Household Sewage Treatment System Program

The Ross County Health District (RCHD)is dedicated to protecting the quality of surface and ground water and preventing the transmission of disease.

A household sewage treatment system is required to be installed on a property when public sewer is not available. The Environmental Division is responsible for overseeing the siting, design, and installation of Household Sewage Treatment Systems (HSTS) for all residential 1, 2 and 3 family dwellings in the county.  If you are planning to purchase a lot, build on a lot, or split a piece of land to build a home, the lot should be evaluated early in the process to determine the type of septic system that will need to be installed.

Sewage program staff is responsible for overseeing the following:

Site Review
Design review of proposed sewage systems to ensure systems are sited, designed, and permitted in accordance with Ohio Sewage System Regulations (OAC 3701-29).

Permit and inspection of New, Replacement, or Alteration of sewage systems in Ross County.

Lot Splits
Approval of all building lots created less than 5 acres in size to ensure a primary and secondary septic system can be placed on the lot.

Point of Sale Inspections
Inspection of existing sewage systems for homeowners or proposed buyers of a home.

Operation & Maintenance
Issues operation and maintenance permits for all sewage systems installed after 2015. Oversees the Aeration Inspection Program for all discharging Aeration Systems installed prior to 2007. Provides homeowners education on the operation and maintenance of their household sewage system.

Registration of Sewage Contractors
Issues registration for contractors who perform services of installing, service provider, or septage pumping in Ross County. Provides training for sewage contractors to ensure compliance with Ohio Sewage System Regulations.

Permit & Service Record Database
Environmental Health Division maintains all permit records, inspection records, and service records for sewage systems in Ross County. Beginning in 2015, all sewage system contractors must submit service records, pumping reports and as-built drawings to the health department for review and filing.

Funds available for the Repair or Replacement of Household Sewage Treatment Systems

Ross County has received funding through the Ohio EPA’s Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) to repair or replace failing household sewage treatment systems.  To be eligible, the following criteria must be met:

  • The owner must occupy the home,
  • The existing septic system must be failing as determined by (RCHD), and
  • The total income for the home of anyone 18 years of age or older must fall within 100%, 200% or 300% of the federal poverty income guidelines.

Funding is determined on a first come first served basis. To apply, please submit an Application for Financial Assistance to Repair or Replace Sewage Treatment System to RCHD.

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