File a Complaint

The Environmental Health Division accepts general nuisance complaints from the public. The complaint MUST be made in writing and provide specific information regarding the complaint, including the exact location of the problem, the owner of the problem if known, a description of the complaint, the complainant’s name, address, and telephone number in case we need to contact them. All efforts are made to keep the personal information of the complainant confidential, however this form is considered public record. The Ross County Health District cannot guarantee anonymity for the complainant. If you wish to ensure anonymity you may contact your township trustee who can submit the complaint.

The Environmental Health Division responds to complaints of environmental conditions that may pose a threat to public health. The department will evaluate each situation and determine the exact threat and attempt to education the persons concerned while getting them to remove or abate the nuisance condition.

The Ross County Health District does not enforce any building or housing maintenance code. For issues dealing with electrical, roofing, structure, etc. contact your city/village offices to find out if there are residential building codes within your city/village. A concerned citizen should take the following two steps prior to filing a formal complaint with the Ross County Health District:

  1. Ask yourself if the nuisance condition is health related. The enforcement ability of public health is limited to conditions which threaten the public health. A condition may certainly be a nuisance to you, but it may not be a public health nuisance.
  2. Address your concerns to the offending party and attempt to work out a solution directly. If you attempt to resolve the problem, but are unsuccessful, then it may be appropriate to file a public health nuisance complaint.

File a Complaint

If you would like to make a referral regarding a public health nuisance, please complete the Complaint Form and return it to our office.

PLEASE NOTE: This complaint form is not for COVID-based complaints. There are no mandates for social distancing or mask wearing at this time. All COVID-19 related complaints will need to be addressed with the individual school or business.