Board of Health

The Ross County Board of Health is comprised of seven members: four are appointed by the District Advisory Council and three are appointed by the Mayor of Chillicothe (with the approval of City Council). Members serve alternating five-year terms and one board member must be a physician. Vacancies are filled in the same manner as the original appointment. Each year the Board of Health elects from its membership a President and a Vice President. Additionally, members serve on committees such as Finance, Ethics, and Environmental Review.

The Ross County Board of Health meets on the third Wednesday of every month. Meetings are held in the Health District Conference Room (150 E. Second St., Chillicothe) and begin at 4:30 p.m. Finance Committee Meetings are the Monday prior to the board meetings at 3 p.m. at our office. Finance Committee meetings and Board of Health meetings are open to the public. Any changes to the meeting schedule are posted on this website and are also advertised in the local media.

Current Board membership is as follows:
President: Mr. Glenn Thompson (DAC) term expires March 2028

Member: Dr. Sharon Stanley (DAC) term expires March 2027
Member: Dr. Brandy Spaulding (City) term expires December 2028
Member: Mrs. Joyce Kellenberger (DAC) term expires March 2024
Member: Dr. Richard Villarreal (City) term expires December 2026
Member: Mrs. Dianna Gray (DAC) term expires March 2026
Member: Ms. Melonie Oiler (City) term expires December 2024

Past Ross County Health Officers and Health Commissioners

Chillicothe City Health Department Health Officers:  1888-1919: Dr. T.S. Barnes; Dr. J.D. Miller; Dr. A.P. Cole; Dr. E.F. Waddle; Dr. J.M. Hanley; Dr. F.M. Smallwood; Dr. Walter S. Scott; Dr. J.M. Hanley (served twice).

Ross County Health Commissioners:

Janelle McManis, MPH, REHS (February 2023-present)

Garrett A. Guillozet, MPA, RS/REHS, AEMT (2020-2022)
Christopher Brown, MD, MPH (2019 – 2020)
Jeffrey C. Hill, MD (2017-2019)
Donald L. Berling, MD (2017- 2017)
Timothy B. Angel, PhD, RS, CPM (2003-2016)
Franklin Hirsch, MPH (2001-2003)
Jamie Orr Eselgroth, MHA (1995-2001)
Sharon Stanley, PhD, RN-C, MS, MA (1988-1994)
Lawrence T. Odland, MD, PhD, MPH (1978-1988)
William E. Covert, DVM (1966-1978)
Daniel G. Caudy, MD (1958-1965)
Benton VanDyke Scott, MD, MPH (1955-1958)
Newman A. Dyer, MD (1954-1955)
David B. Thornburgh, MD (1953)
Raymond E. Bower, MD (1927-1951)
G.E. Robbins, MD (1920-1927)