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Overdose Prevention

Overdose Prevention

The opioid epidemic and unintentional overdoses are a major public health problem here in Ross County as well as our state and the nation. Overdoses here are defined as medical emergency due to the use of drugs of abuse, primarily opioids. According to the 2016 Drug Overdose Data: General Findings report from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), in 2016 unintentional drug overdoses caused the deaths of 4,050 Ohio residents, a 32.8 percent increase compared to 2015 when there were 3,050 overdose deaths. Overdose deaths now exceed deaths from car accidents as the number one cause of death in Ohio. The rate of overdose deaths in Ross County slightly more than doubled from 2010 to 2016. It is important that our community join forces, working together to prevent these unnecessary tragedies.

Naloxone Project D.A.W.N Training

Learn More about Project DAWN through the Ohio Department of Health’s Website here : https://www.odh.ohio.gov/health/vipp/drug/ProjectDAWN.aspx