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Household Sewage Treatment Systems Program

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Sewage Treatment Systems Program

Under authority of Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29, the Environmental Health Division permits and inspects all new, replacement, or alterations for household sewage treatment systems (HSTS) in Ross County.   If you are building a new home where public sewer is not available or live in an existing home where the sewage system is failing or not functioning properly, contact the environmental health division for information regarding household sewage treatment systems permit to install, alter, or replace.

Key components of our Household Sewage Treatment System Program:

  1. Site review:  Design review of proposed sewage systems to ensure systems are sited, designed, and permitted in accordance to Ohio Sewage System Regulations (OAC 3701-29).
  2. Permitting:  Permit and inspection of New, Replacement, or Alteration of sewage systems in Ross County.
  3. Point of sale Inspections:  Inspection of existing sewage systems for homeowners or proposed buyers of a home.
  4. Operation and Maintenance:  Issues operation and maintenance permits for all sewage systems installed after 2015.  Oversees the Aeration Inspection Program for all discharging Aeration Systems installed prior to 2007.   Provides homeowners education on the operation and maintenance of their household sewage system.
  5. Registration of Sewage Contractors:  Issues registration for contractors who perform services of installing, service provider, or septage pumping in Ross County.   Provides training for sewage contractors to ensure they are in compliance with Ohio Sewage System Regulations.
  6. Permit and Service Record Data Base:  Environmental Health Division maintains all permit records, inspection records, and service records for sewage systems in Ross County.  Beginning in 2015, all sewage system contractors must submit service records, pumping reports and as-built drawings to health department for review and filing.

Guidelines to getting a sewage system installation permit

  1. Secure a soil evaluation with a soil scientist
  2. Have a sewage system designed using a sewage system designer
  3. Apply for a site review with health department
  4. Health department will conduct site review to verify soils and design plan are in compliance, health department will review design.
  5. Once design is approved, you can apply for a permit to install.
  6. Have registered sewage installer install system.

RCHD – Steps to obtain a Sewage System Permit

Guidelines to creating a new lot or subdivision

  1. Clearly stake corners of proposed lot(s).  Clear all vegetation, crops, or tall grass.
  2. Obtain a soil evaluation from a Soil Scientist or approved Soil Evaluator.
  3. Submit Lot Split Review application & fee to health district along with
    1. Soil reports
    2. acreage of proposed lots
    3. Preliminary drawing with proposed lot lines, drainage, easements, etc.
    4. All relevant land information (wells, driveways, utilities, water, etc)
    5. Identify 2 or more feasible system types.
    6. Topographic detail of lot.
  4. Health District will conduct an on-site review of the submitted material and proposed lot(s) and may grant preliminary approval if lot(s) meet OAC 3701-29 regulations.
  5. Upon receiving preliminary approval, a survey prepared by a professional surveyor shall be obtained and submitted to health district for final approval of lot / subdivision.

RCHD Steps to Obtain a Lot Split

Sewage System Program Forms

Site Review Application

Lot Split Review Application

Sewage System Contractor Registration

Operation and Maintenance Permit Application

Application for Financial Assistance for Failing System Repair or Replacement

Real Estate Sewage System Certification

Sewage System Contractors

Find a Soil Scientist

Find a Sewage System Designer

Find a Sewage System Installer

Find a Sewage System Service Provider

Find a Sewage System Pumper / Hauler

Homeowner Information – Operating & Maintaining Your Sewage System