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Food Safety Program

Food Safety Program Overview

RCHD’s Environmental Health Division is responsible for administering the Food Safety Program in Ross County which includes licensing and inspection of local restaurants, grocery stores, caterers, convenience stores, cafeterias, mobile food vendors, temporary food vendors, and vending machines.   The ultimate goal of the program is to reduce the risk of food borne illness through the licensing and inspection of food operations within Ross County and enforcement of Ohio’s Uniform Food Safety Code.  Key components of the Food Safety Program include:

  1. Plan Review and licensing of Food Service Operations (FSO’s) and Retail Food Establishments (RFE’s)
  2. Routine inspection of licensed food operations.
  3. Investigation of foodborne illness complaints or outbreaks.
  4. Educating local food handlers, managers, owners, and operators through our Level 1 Person-in-Charge Training and Level 2 Ohio Food Certification Training programs

What type of license do I need to sell food?

There are several food license categories that RCHD licenses and inspects. Each category is grouped based upon the type of risk or what kind of setting the food establishment is operated. The following are the types of license categories licensed and inspected by the Ross County Health District:

  • Risk Level Food Operations or Retail Food Establishments– Permanent facilities such as restaurants, cafeterias, grocery stores, convenient stores, caterers, and carryouts.
  • Mobile Food Operations – Portable food units that typically are seen at festivals, street corners, events. They are designed to be moved from location to location (i.e food trucks, concession stands, hot dog carts)
  • Temporary Food Operations – Temporary kitchens or sale of food at festivals, events, parks, fairs, or other locations where a license is secured for the event for an organization or business wanting to sell food for a time limited event. The license is only valid for the specific event.
  • Vending– Vending machines that sell hot or cold food or beverages that are time and temperature controlled foods.
  • Micromarkets – Food Sales in small displays and many times are in office buildings, businesses or workplace.

How do I get a cottage food or home bakery license to make food from my home?

If you are wanting to learn how you can prepare and sell cottage foods, home baked goods, farm eggs, or other foods produced from your home or farm, you must contact the Ohio Department of Agriculture at 614-728-6250 or visit their website here.  You can learn more about the following food production or packaging food and preparation of food to sell at farmers markets by contacting the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  ODA oversees the licensing / registration of:

Food Safety Training

Level 1 Food Safety Training – We offer Level 1 Food Safety Training in 2 different formats, a classroom training here at the Health District, and is typically offered once every other month, and an onsite training, which can be scheduled at your food facility.  For more details, call 740-775-1158 or email eh@rosscountyhealth.com

Level 2 Food Safety Training – Our Level 2 food safety class is offered on a quarterly basis and is typically on two consecutive Mondays (15 hours total).  To get signed up for our next class, please call 740-775-1158 or email eh@rosscountyhealth.com

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