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Food Facility Plan Review Packet
Risk Level Guide for FSO/RFE
Sanitary Regulations and Sewage Treatment System Rules
How To Obtain Sewage Permits
Plumbing Worksheet
Steps for Obtaining a Lot Split
Plumber Contractor Registration
Real Estate Sewage Certification Forms
Temporary Food Service License Application

Tattoo/Piercing Guidelines for Limited Specific Events
Tattoo Infection Control Plan
Application for Time Specific Tattoo or Body Piercing
Tattoo Plan Review
Temporary Park/Camp License Requirements

The Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code is out and it includes changes from last year.

Mandated Programs Administered by Ross County Environmental Health


Level 2 Food Protection Certification Forms

ServSafe Agenda  

ServSafe Registration Form

ServSafe Letter


Food Safety Program: Risk Classification 1-4 food service operations (FSO) and retail food establishments (RFE)
– Temporary and Mobile Food Service Operations
– Catering food service operations  – Vending food service operations
– Facility layout and equipment reviews for new Food Service Operations
– Investigations of food service complaints and food borne illness outbreaks

Recreational Programs: Manufactured Home Parks
– Recreational Campgrounds and RV parks  – Marinas
– Swimming pools, spas, special use pools, and bathing areas
– Resident Camps, Day Camps, Temporary Camps, Mobile Home Parks

Private Water Systems: Residential well and alternative water system permitting and inspections
– Water hauler licensing and inspection
– Water system certifications  – Water sampling

Sewage Disposal Program: Residential sewage system installation permits and inspection

– Lot evaluations and lot split certifications  – Sewage system certifications
– Registration of sewage system contractors  – Subdivision plan review

Nuisance Abatement: Sewage nuisance
– Private water system nuisances  – Solid waste and garbage nuisances
– Insect/ rodent/ vector nuisances

Rabies Program: Animal bite investigations
– Rabies surveillance

Institutional Programs
– School environmental health and safety inspections
– Jail and County institution environmental health and safety inspections

Tattoo and Body Piercing
– Licensing and inspection of tattoo and body piercing establishments

Plumbing Program
– All commercial plumbing

Ohio Smoke-Free Workplace Program

The updated Cottage Food Rules now available.