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Effective July 23, 2020 at 6:00 pm, Ohioans are under a Mandatory Mask Use Order issued by the Ohio Department of Health for all of Ohio to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.   Mandatory Mask Use Orders can be downloaded here

Facial Coverings (Masks). Except as provided herein, all individuals, in the State of Ohio shall
wear facial coverings at all times when:
a. In any indoor location that is not a residence;
b. Outdoors and unable to consistently maintain a distance of six feet or more from
individuals who are not members of their family/household; or
c. Waiting for, riding, driving, or operating public transportation, a taxi, car service, or a ride
sharing vehicle. This does not apply to private or rental vehicles where members of a
family/household are sharing a vehicle.
The requirement to wear a facial covering does not apply when:
a. The individual is under ten years of age;
b. A medical condition including those with respiratory conditions that restrict breathing,
mental health conditions, or disability contraindicates the wearing of a facial covering;
c. The individual is communicating or seeking to communicate with someone who is hearing impaired or has another disability, where the ability to see the mouth is essential for
d. The individual is alone in an enclosed space, such as an office, or in lieu of an enclosed
space, the individual is separated by at least six feet in all directions from all other
individuals, and in either case the space is not intended for use or access by the public;
e. The individual is actively engaged in exercise in a gym or indoor facility so long as six or
more feet of separation between individuals exists;
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f. The individual is actively participating in athletic practice, scrimmage, or competition that
is permitted under a separate Department of Health order;
g. The individual is actively engaged in a public safety capacity, including but not limited to
law enforcement, firefighters or emergency medical personnel;
h. The individual is seated and actively consuming food or beverage in a restaurant or bar;
i. Facial coverings are prohibited by law or regulation;
j. Facial coverings are in violation of documented industry standards;
k. Facial coverings are in violation of a business’s documented safety policies;
l. Individual is actively participating in broadcast communications;
m. Individual is an officiant of a religious services; or
n. In an industrial or manufacturing facility, employees are separated by at least six feet in all
directions, or by a barrier in a manufacturing line or work area.
o. Schools offering kindergarten through grade twelve instruction (or some portion of it) that
comply with the guidelines set forth by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio
Department of Health.
p. Child care centers, family child care, in-home aids, day camps, and after school programs
licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) that comply with
current and future guidelines set forth by ODJFS and the Ohio Department of Health.
Nothing in this order is intended to interfere with the separation of powers under the Ohio
Constitution. Businesses must apply exceptions to wearing a mask equally to all persons. This
Order does not apply to jails or prison facilities. This Order is not intended to supersede, supplant
or preempt any order or law of a local jurisdiction that is more restrictive than this Order. For the
purposes of this Order, a facial covering (mask) is any material covering an individual’s nose,
mouth, and chin.