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The Partners for a Healthier Ross County have officially released the 2019 Ross County Community Health Assessment (CHA).  During 2019, the Partners conducted the assessment by collecting data and input from the Ross County community related to health behaviors, outcomes, and issues in the community.  Various community organizations, health systems, and agencies make up the Partners for a Healthier Ross County who helped complete the community assessment.  Through public surveys, community input, secondary data collection, and multiple stakeholder meetings, the data collected was analyzed by the partners, summarized, and prepared in the report.   The CHA serves as a community resource for community partnership, organizations, and health systems to target health improvements and outcomes for the community.  Improvements focus on addressing health inequities and socioeconomic factors that lead to poorer health outcomes.

You can see the 2019 Community Health Assessment on our website on the Health Data Page along with other supporting documents related to the assessment.

Below are a summary of the 2019 assessment with key findings: