Monday - Friday 8:00 am- 4:30 pm

The Ross County Health District and their partners are asking for your help in identifying locations that need improvement for people who walk, bicycle, use a mobility aid, or take the bus.

Our team is working to complete an Active Transportation Plan for Ross County. This plan will focus on identifying and developing solutions to the current active transportation needs in your community.

With your help, we will gather information on specific locations in our transportation network that are meaningful to you.

When reviewing the map please comment on the implantation and improvement of sidewalks, crosswalks, signage, bike lanes, and shared-use trails throughout the county

How to use the map

  1. Agree/Disagree?
    1. Click on an existing point (locations in color) and a box will appear where you can agree or disagree with the suggestion. Please provide a comment in this box for why you agree or disagree with the suggestion.
  2. Add a Point or Route!
    1. Do you know of a barrier to walking and biking that has not been addressed on the map? Are there areas that you would like to walk and bike but it’s not possible or safe? Or maybe you just want to let us know where you are already walking and biking in the community? Simply click the ‘add route’ or ‘add point’ on the top of the map to include your suggestion to the problem

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