Monday - Friday 8:00 am- 4:30 pm

2.21.2020  The Ross County Health District’s Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program are looking for local youth to participate in creation of Anti-Vaping videos as part of a campaign to bring awareness about youth vaping and encourage youth to stop vaping.   The best part of this contest, Ohio Department of Health will be selecting the top videos from Ohio youth to be eligible for scholarship prizes!  To learn more, contact the Ross County Health District’s Tobacco Prevention Program at 740-779-9652 ext 2292.

Details include:

The ODH Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Program is sponsoring an Anti-Vaping Video Contest offering $20,000 in scholarship prizes.

The contest is a response to the unprecedented rise in e-cigarette/vaping use among youth and young adults.  It is our hope that this opportunity will provide a creative outlet for students to learn more about the dangers of vaping, while also providing ODH with youth-centered videos that could be used for further mass media campaigns to discourage use among youth.

The contest is open to all Ohio high school students or students taking high school level homeschool classes. Students are asked to produce a 25 to 45 second video that addresses the dangers of vaping. For details on the contest rules, please visit the ODH website: www.odh.ohio.gov/videocontest

We encourage you to forward this information to any and all stakeholder groups with whom you might work in hopes of achieving a wide distribution and participation in this opportunity.

Please feel free to contact anyone in the Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Program for further information or to email us at tobaccoprevention@odh.ohio.gov